I'm Rosie!

Product/UX Designer

As a designer with an advertising background, I used to believe, that design is using creative tricks to pursue customers. In my third year of college, I had my first UX project - designing an elderly friendly mobile game app for my grandpa. At the beginning of that project, I used advertising strategies to approach the design. However, as I went into it, I learned a new area - User Experience - which not only challenged most of my assumptions and made me rethink what design is, but also stimulated my passion for becoming a professional user experience designer. Therefore, I went to IU HCI/d to get a professional UX and Design education.

Since then, I have engaged myself in projects that relate to non-profit, food banks, healthcare, online shopping, security, offline experience, etc.

Recently, when I'm not designing, I'm making ceramic and soaps. 

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